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How long "Annexed subject" diplomatic penalty stays after annexing vassal? Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

- Removes the relative strength modifier for client vassals and marches (liberty desire) - Client States only get 0.1% liberty desire for each development point - 'March too Large' modifier is set to >1000 development (insetad of >200) - More Subject Interactions with Client states - Client Vassals/Marches don't take a diplo slot eu4 vassal – EU4 console commands There Are many diverse techniques to vassalize a state. Nations could be induce vassalized at a Peace Treaty or could consent to vassalization using a diplomatic deal. They’re also able to receive freedom in the bigger country, just as an ordinary state or being a client condition. Diplomatic actions | Diplomacy - Europa Universalis IV Game ... War and peace. The first option in diplomacy is declaring a war or starting peace talks, if the war is already on. You can declare a war nearly always, with small exceptions, e.g. when you are a dependent country in a personal union or when your country is ruled by the Regency Council.

The basic amount of these, for each country is two so, each additional diplomat for a big country is very important. You can acquire them from the Diplomatic, Espionage an Aristocracy ideas, by building an embassy and by becoming the Holy Roman Emperor, after the introduction of an appropriate reform.

[Discontinued] Client States Unlocked for Extended ... Steam Workshop: Europa Universalis IV. This is for people who just want to have fun with the client states. ... [Discontinued] Client States Unlocked for Extended Timeline [1.25] ... In line 376 replace "takes_diplo_slot = no" with "takes_diplo_slot = yes" for client vassals, do the same in line 413 for client marches and don't forget to save. Client states - either take it out, or make it work ... Client states can work quite well, only thing I would agree with is a timer and possibly small bonus to relations each time make a client state. 3 to 5 turn timer +40 relations. If you fight long apocalyptic war with -300 relations it might be impossible to reasonably reset relationship to positive. Vassal - Europa Universalis 3 Wiki - Paradox Wikis A vassal country is a country, a client state, that is subject to the rule of a foreign country. A country can become a vassal either through diplomatic or military means, and may eventually be annexed peacefully ("diplo-annexed") to the ruling kingdom. There are two ways for a free country to become a vassal of another country: diplomatic vassalization and forced vassalization.

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[EUIV] Reducing the Reduced reduction in cost of reducing war ... [EUIV] Reducing the Reduced reduction in cost of reducing war exhaustion for some NI's ... Got a third client state, and took a total of 11 of their like 19 forts, so ... Confirm thalassocracy (disambiguation) - Europa Universalis 3 ... Confirm thalassocracy (disambiguation) From Europa Universalis 3 Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Confirm thalassocracy is a decision available to four ... ARTICLE 27 DIPLOMATIC AGENTS AND CONSULAR OFFICERS Nothing in ...